Through creating a series of objects, wearables, and drawings, I investigate our connection and codependence with the earth. By exploring the multiple stresses we put on the planet through industry, fracking, chemicals, run off and the burning of fossil fuels, I realize action and proper planning regarding usage of our resources is needed before the consequences of our presently destructive actions are irreversible.

My current work is focused on how marine organisms live, eat, move, and survive. I am exploring the organic and flowing nature of the biological forms and the systems that allow such organisms to function. Employing new materials and traditional jewelry techniques to further bring the magic from the deep sea to the surface. I aim to transform those images into tangible pieces that reflect the persistence of nature, evolution and constant change in everyday life.

It is basic human nature that steps in and forces people to miss, and ultimately ignore, the millions of elements that must come together to ignite the senses and breathe life into the world. This series of work reflects an interest and desire to understand the microscopic world of the deep sea and fresh water environments. There is a diverse ecosystem located in these water sources and most would rather ignore the complexities and just observe the beauty of what can be seen by the naked eye.