amanda-residentEach individual takes personal experiences and surroundings to create visual libraries within his/her mind. For me, those libraries serve as inspiration that allows me to transform the inventory to tangible pieces that reflect the persistence of nature, evolution and constant change in everyday life. I take the inspiration and I offer my interpretation of it; which in-turn allows each piece to serve as an interesting dual-purpose item. My goal has always been to make each work stand on its own, whether adorning the body or not.

I find myself always experimenting with various techniques including hydraulic pressing, electroforming, computer aided design and more traditional fabrication techniques to invent, not replicate, the organic and flowing nature of the biological forms of organisms and the systems that allow such organisms to function.

I challenge viewers to understand my work without really knowing what they are looking at. However, each piece has a certain familiarity that creates a connection with the viewer laying the foundation for a relationship between the viewer and my work.

My current work is focused on how marine organisms live, eat, move, and survive. I am exploring the transparency of some deep marine life using plastics and 3-D printing, while also employing new materials and techniques to further explore the possibilities of deep sea and bring them to the surface. My work is meant to interact and become part of the human body by providing a sense of completeness while also revealing how we are connected to everything around us. In addition, I am actively in the process of creating new creatures to explore the potential of how existing creatures could evolve to interact closely with a human body in site specific ways.